Revox Joy S118 netwerk receiver


Revox Joy S118

For many decades now, Revox has developed excellent sound quality outputs for its amplifiers. And we also remained true to this tradition with the Revox Joy products.

The Revox Joy S118 stereo reproduction offers a 2 x 25 watt sinus. The fully integrated output, in pulse width modulation technology, enables reproduction of the highest level that is clear and transparent and also powerful in the bass range.

A further feature is that the Revox Joy products can adjust the current Revox speakers perfectly to the amplifier.
Fine adjustments to the speaker frequency response ensure musical enjoyment that is even more precise and at the same time, softer.

In addition, the positioning of the Revox speakers within the room can be entered, in order to optimise the bass properties. This prevents unwelcome resonance in the bass range caused by the speakers being placed close to a wall or in a corner.


The Revox Joy gives you easy access to a wide range of digital content from your home network and from the Internet.

Experience music and podcasts from around the world through the Integrated Internet radio.
More than 12,000 radio stations and over 2,000,000 podcasts that are updated and extended daily are just a few button-presses away.
You can configure your personal Internet radio and podcast favourites on the S208 remote control or on the website under Online Services to match your own particular requirements.

You can stream your music from external storage over the Ethernet network, in conjunction with DLNA and UPnP AV compatible servers. It doesn’t matter whether these are located on a NAS or some other storage, so long as a corresponding UPnP AV service is installed.

The USB connection is principally used for connecting mobile music players such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad.
The Revox range includes a suitable docking station for iPod and iPhone products. Of course, you can also connect a USB stick containing your favourite music and enjoy that with the Revox Joy.

Music files can be streamed over the LAN or WLAN connection. Revox strongly recommends the use of the LAN connection because it always offers greater stability than a WLAN connection.


As well as the top-class streaming option with LAN, WLAN and USB, the Revox Joy S118 offers two additional digital audio inputs and comes with one optical and one coaxial digital input for traditional audio sources.

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